NY Dentist gets mail surprise: 31 pounds of marijuana‎

A Manhattan dentist got a mystery UPS package Friday from a real dope – it was filled with  31 pounds of very pungent pot.

Dr.  Richard Lyons couldn’t believe his nose when he opened the box that was  delivered to his Chinatown office.

“From my 70’s days, when I saw the green and smelled it, I knew it was  marijuana,” said Lyons, whose graying ponytail could qualify him for a bit role  in a Cheech  and Chong movie.

Lyons, 61, said he had no idea how the pot – worth up to $50,000 on the  street – wound up at his place, but he immediately called the cops.

“I was shocked – shocked! And annoyed,” he said. “Even if I got an ounce of  marijuana, I would have notified the police.

“It’s not legal. I didn’t buy it!”

Lyons said the pot was wrapped in a black plastic bag “with a bunch of baby  wipes on top” that had been placed inside a plastic bin and then the box.

It arrived at his office at 10:30 a.m. and was signed for by an assistant.  When he got in about 3 p.m., he opened the box to discover the tightly packed  fresh-plucked buds.

He said called police, but when they hadn’t arrived after an hour, he got  nervous that the intended recipient might show up to collect the weed – and  called the press.

When cops arrived at the office on Worth and Mott Sts. – where a large red  canopy advertises “Dr. Toothy’s Dental World” – they had to borrow blue dental  masks because the fumes gave them a headache.

The box had a return address for a Gwendaline Lyons in Katy, Texas.  No listing could be found for the person.

A UPS spokeswoman said the express delivery service would open an  investigation in the matter and contact the NYPD.

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NY Dentist gets mail surprise: 31 pounds of marijuana‎, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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    fuckin in the closet stoner

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