Officials In San Jose, CA Seek Crackdown On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Officials in San Jose, California – namely the mayor, Chuck Reed, and three city council members – are calling for a meeting on April 12th to decide on ways to reduce the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

Last week, Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen and three council members signed a proposal that would limit the number of dispensaries to 10, compared with an estimated 110 today.

So the free market supports 110 dispensaries in San Jose, and officials want to close 100 of them? At the same time, the city is taxing the dispensaries at 7%. On what planet does it make sense to close businesses, reduce jobs, and reduce tax revenue? Well, in Los Angeles for one.

What is going to happen to the California economy if this becomes a trend in the cities? How many people can be thrown out of work before the economy collapses? How deep in debt does the state have to get before politicians realize crippling the medical marijuana industry and reducing the taxes it pays is not the best economic reasoning?

People of CA, you must regain control of your state. Passing marijuana legalization in 2012 will go a long way in achieving that goal.

via : 420 Times

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