Ohio Patient Network Lobbies for Organic Marijuana Farms

The Ohio Patient Network and Republican state Sen. Tim Schaffer are at odds over Senate Bill 69.

The group’s motto, “Don’t Panic It’s Organic,” promotes medical use, cultivation and the monitored sale of marijuana. A bill proposed pertaining to organic growth of marijuana failed in Ohio in 2010. If the measure had passed, the “Buckeye State” would have become the 15th state to allow cancer patients, among other, to consume marijuana by prescription.

Senator Schaffer’s

bill seeks to reduce the use of harmful drugs by eliminating government entitlement checks from those who test positive for any illegal substance.

One of the positive theories behind Ohio SB 69 is that children of drug-abusing parents on public assistance would be forced to become drug-free to continue being handed a check each month from the government.

Messages of “Just Say No” and school-based drug free programs, such as Red Ribbon Week, have had little impact on the increasing drug problem and state costs associated with incarcerating offenders. Ohio Gov. John Kasich noted the dire situation of prescription drug abuse in the southern region of Ohio during his state-of-the-state address. Popping Oxycontin pills or “Hilly-Billy Heroine” has caused both prison and substance abuse center beds to fill to maximum capacity.

Cleaning up the drug problem through tough-love programs like Ohio SB 69 has a lot of support throughout the state. The Ohio Patient Network also garners a lot of support from both patients and medical professionals to make organic marijuana available through a doctor’s order. A clause in the law to allow those who test positive be exempted if a valid prescription exists, would ease the concerns of organic and medical marijuana proponents.

Support for organic marijuana farms is growing due in part to the struggling economy. Meigs County in southern Ohio holds the dubious honor of being known as the “Pot Capital of the Midwest.” Meigs County “Gold” costs regional law enforcement agencies millions of dollars annually in eradication efforts, court costs and jail fees. As one of the most impoverished areas of the state and holder of prime farm land, southern Ohio could be a state tax revenue gold mine.

If organic marijuana was legalized, controlled and taxed, state monitored organic cannabis farms along the Ohio River could produce large crops without causing a negative impact on the land. Abuses could still occur if anyone claiming anxiety could get a prescription for pot, but if adults are going to smoke marijuana there would at least jobs and tax revenue created should the Ohio Patient Network be successful in their lobbying efforts.

via : Yahoo Contributor Tara Dodrill

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