One of largest marijuana busts ever in Dodge Co.

DODGE COUNTY – Paige is one of the newest members of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department. Just two months on the job, she’s already making her presence known. “I just backed up my sergeant on a stop like I normally would and we just happened to have an extra tool in the toolbox,” said deputy Chad Enright. That K-9 tool was called into action Monday night, helping seize 40 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $120,000. Sgt. Brian Loos pulled over a motor home in eastern Dodge County for having a burned out taillight.

But says he quickly became suspicious of the driver. “The plates were from Wisconsin, but there were some problems with the registration and the driver was from California,” said Loos. Deputy Enright responded to the traffic stop with his partner Paige. Loos says Paige hit on a scent coming from the vehicle. That gave the officers probable cause to search the RV. What the officers found was one of the biggest marijuana busts in the county’s history. The officers say if it was not for the new K-9 units this drug bust may not have happened.

“It just shows what we have been missing this whole time without having the dogs here, because this was something that was clearly found because of the dogs,” said Loos. “When you come across a huge amount like this that is obviously going to impact some network pretty significantly, it’s a good thing,” said Enright. Loos says while they are always watchful, a bust like this is not typical in Dodge County. But thanks to the new K-9 officers, he says it hopefully won’t be the last.

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