Online marijuana chat sparks lively discussion

Bee readers had a lot to say about Fresno County’s proposed medical marijuana ordinance during a live online chat Monday.

The discussion came on the eve of a scheduled vote by county supervisors on the ordinance. If approved, the regulation would force the county’s roughly 15 medical pot dispensaries to shut down and limit cultivation to a handful of indoor, industrial sites.

Sheriff Margaret Mims, a panelist in Monday’s chat, defended the ordinance: “Since Fresno County has experienced a proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation grows located in a variety of locations with insufficient regard for public health, safety, welfare or land-use compatibility, regulation is necessary.”

Local attorneys Rick Horowitz and Brenda Linder, also panelists, expressed concerns: “If I am a qualified patient, this ordinance would, in effect, send me back to the street dealer to obtain the medicine I have a lawful right to obtain and possess. Instead of reducing crime, it will create more,” Linder said.

via : Fresno Bee

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