Oregon Cannabis Tax Act makes the November 2012 ballot

Oregon may be making history this November with its controversial Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, or measure 80 , being placed on the ballot. With over 170,000 votes, more than enough to be included on the ballot, Oregon could be the first state to legalize the possession, sale, growth and distribution of marijuana, hemp, hemp fuels, and all products from the cannabis plant. Currently, Oregon, along with 13 other states, have a medical marijuana plan that allows card carrying citizens to legally possess, grow, and smoke marijuana for medical purposes. It is no secret, however, that obtaining a card is rather simple and most anyone that wants one can get one.

OCTA the group that is pushing for legalization, has laid out an initiative that will not only bring millions of dollars into Oregon it will take power away from drug cartels, allow law enforcement to focus on violent crimes and gang activities, create dozens of jobs in several sectors, but create completely new industries that Oregon will benefit from. Dan Clay, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555 says, “We support Measure 80 because it’ll get middle-class Oregonians back to work, it’s as simple as that. Whether it’s hemp biofuel refineries on the Columbia River or pulp and paper mills in central Oregon, hemp makes sense and fits Oregon’s renowned sustainability economy.” An estimated $140 million dollars would be put in Oregon’s public fund annually by passing this initiative. Willie Nelson, an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card carrier has even produced an ad to help support OCTA. However, it is not news that Willie has been a long time marijuana user.

via : Examiner

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