Oregon woman points police to marijuana grows

The discovery of dozens of marijuana plants in a Selma woman’s home has led to busts in Southern Oregon, an accounting of marijuana prices on the East Coast and an admission from the woman that she packaged and sent marijuana to Boston.  The Grants Pass Daily Courier reports that Elizabeth Saul, 45, has not been charged, but information she gave to police led to raids, arrests and the discovery of her diary, in which she is alleged to have thanked God for a safe pot delivery.  Police say Saul told them she made about $300 for each pound she shipped to Boston, and has made about $125,000 this year.  Saul, a former medical marijuana patient, gave information that led to the busts of at least three people in Grants Pass. She was permitted to have 18 mature plants and 54 immature — or non-flowering — plants in her home.

Police found 38 mature plants, 117 immature plants and $15,000 in cash.  Norman J. Smith, 49, was charged with the unlawful manufacture and sale of marijuana. Police said he’s suspected of providing marijuana to be shipped to the East Coast.  Also rounded up was Tzaddi Heatherstone, 29, of White City, who police said contributed 50 pounds of marijuana to be shipped east later this year.  A third man, Jason M. Nelson, 35, of Grants Pass, was found with more plants than he was allowed to grow. Police say they also found cocaine and psilocybin mushrooms.

via : The Register Guard

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