Out-of-state entrepreneurs travel to Colorado Springs to learn marijuana business

marijuana cash money hbtv hemp beach tvEven though it was Saturday, class was in session for the Medical Marijuana Business Academy.

Students flocked to the Clarion Hotel in Colorado Springs from all over the country. Their intent was to learn about the marijuana business: to go from entrepreneurs to “ganja”-preneurs.

The class is held every 60 days. The $299 fee includes an eight-hour seminar and a manual that covers Amendment 20 and Amendment 60 business models.

Chad Halbrook came from Texas to attend. He has a wife and child and said it would be a “dream come true” to move to Colorado and start his own recreational marijuana dispensary.

Others came from Mississippi, Missouri, Utah, Arizona and Pennsylvania to familiarize themselves with the legal intricacies of Colorado’s marijuana laws.

“The questions are remarkably varied,” said KC Stark, director of the Medical Marijuana Business Academy.

“The interests are varied. Some want to grow marijuana. Some want to sell it. Some don’t want to do either. Some just want to come in and try to help with maybe delivery services or employment options.”

Stark believes the key is education. Owners, operators, growers and investors need “the right information so they can abide by state law.”

A grower from Denver, Brent Dearmond, listened and took notes during the lecture. Dearmond has experience as a medical marijuana supplier and is familiar with the current laws. He predicts Colorado will become the new Amsterdam.

“It’s going to be a real big business boom, but I think people are going to realize it’s a lot harder than it seems,” Dearmond said.

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