Peter Dunne admits cannabis use

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has admitted smoking pot just one day after pushing through a bill to ban copycat drugs.  Parliament yesterday passed the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill, promoted by the United Future leader, that will make synthetic cannabis products illegal.

Retailers will have seven days after a notice is issued next week to remove 43 products like Kronic from their shelves.  Speaking on an online chat on the New Zealand Herald website, Mr Dunne was asked if he had ever smoked anything.

”I tried and gave up cigarettes at 17,” he said.

When asked directly if he had smoked cannabis, he responded yes.

”I smoked cannabis a couple of times as a student in the 1970s.”

He was not in favour of any changes to the current legal status of cannabis. Mr Dunne later said on Twitter it was ”hardly a big deal” he had smoked cannabis, and had never denied it whenever he had been asked over the years. ”And yes, unlike Clinton I did inhale,” he said, referring to former United States President Bill Clinton, who famously said he tried cannabis once but did not inhale.

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