Philadelphia police say Passenger tried to pay cab fare with marijuana

Philadelphia city cab hbtv hemp beach tvA man was arrested in Philadelphia after allegedly trying to pay his $8 taxi fare with bag of marijuana, CBS Philly reports. Michael Medvec, 23, is charged with failing to pay his cab fare and possession of marijuana. It all happened last Friday, in the Old City section of Philadelphia, when officers tried to ticket a cabbie for being double parked, the station reports.

The cab driver reportedly alerted the ticketing officer that there was a man in the cab who wouldn’t pay his fare.

According to the cab driver, Medvec told the driver that he would leave his cell phone as collateral while he went to retrieve money to cover the fare. Upon returning, Medvec still did not have any money and offered the driver some marijuana instead, the station says.

Unfortunately, police say the dispute over the fare was never resolved.

“Poor cabbie, he’s still out the $8 fare, now he has to take time off of work to go to court because he will be subpoenaed as a witness,” Police Captain Brian Korn said.

The case is scheduled for a status hearing on April 8.

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Philadelphia police say Passenger tried to pay cab fare with marijuana, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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