Plane smart! Smugglers use remote-controlled aircraft to fly in cannabis

Smugglers are using remote controlled planes to sneak drugs into Europe without fear of being caught. Police found a device carrying 2.2 kilos of cannabis resin after it crashed in the Mediterranean between Morocco and Spain. Officers suspect the customised, petrol-powered plane was controlled by a pilot in a boat following as it attempted the 19-mile trip to Tarifa on the southern coast.

Inside the structure they found two packets containing the drug, worth around 2000 euros (£1,700). Officers from Spain’s Civil Guard force were stunned when they discovered the new system for drug smuggling, two miles north of the Moroccan coastline, last week. A police source said: ‘The smugglers are resorting to more and more ingenious ways of getting their drugs into Europe as we continue to crack down trafficking.

‘The device we found can only be used within about 800 meters of the remote control, so it must have had a boat guiding it across. ‘It was capable of making the journey in under an hour. ‘It’s possible smugglers are using other devices with GPS tracking that could guide them to prefixed co-ordinates in Spain.’ Drug gangs are known to use makeshift submarines to help smuggle cocaine into the U.S. from Latin America.
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Plane smart! Smugglers use remote-controlled aircraft to fly in cannabis, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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