Plants found in incubator tents during Southend police raid

A DRUG-BUSTING police team stormed a flat and seized 500 grams of a white powder and cannabis. Police smashed through the door of a three-bedroom flat, in Heygate Avenue, Southend, in a dramatic dawn raid yesterday. They woke a man, 27, who was in bed, surrounded by bags of herbal cannabis. He was arrested and bailed. A further search of the property revealed nine cannabis plants growing behind what looked like shower curtains. These tent-like structures were fitted with heat lamps, fertiliser, and what looked like plastic plant incubators. There was also a ticket bearing the name “Vanilla Kush” which is a strain of marijuana. Nearby, officers found a bag containing up to 500 grams of white powder. Based on their experience, officers believed it was amphetamine, which is a class B drug, as it contained long, thin crystals. The drug fetches about £5 a gram, giving the bag of drugs a street value of about £2,500. It will now be sent for testing. A scenes of crime officer dusted the pots containing the cannabis plants for fingerprints.

He managed to lift six prints which will now be scanned to see if they match any known suspects. Strangely, a newspaper cutting had also been left lying on the side, seemingly as some sort of souvenir. It related to former Chief Constable Roger Baker making 800 arrests in his first week in the job, in July 2005. This included a bust in Leigh where four people were arrested on suspicion of supplying class A and C drugs. Sgt Rob Enderby, who led the raid, said: “This warrant is just another in the series. The message, obviously isn’t getting through.” The team which Sgt Enderby heads will remain intact until March, when it will be disbanded as part of cost-cutting within Essex Police. He said: “This team’s still got six weeks to run, so that’s potentially 42 more addresses. If you’re going to grow cannabis you could be one of the 42.” The team is set to be replaced by a new 80-strong drug-busting team based out of Boreham, near Chelmsford.

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