Police find cannabis in earthquake-relief truck

Police in the southeastern province of Gaziantep have seized a large quantity of cannabis stored in a trailer truck returning from the eastern province of Van, where it dropped relief supplies for victims of last month’s earthquakes.

Truck driver Özcan T., 39, denied any knowledge of the 52 kilograms of cannabis that was reportedly concealed in the driver’s cabin. The illicit substance was

allegedly destined for sale in western Turkey.

The truck had left for Van from the Mediterranean province of Mersin to carry supplies to the quake-stricken province. The truck then stopped off in the southeastern city of Diyarbakır, where the illegal substance was loaded up, before continuing its westward journey, according to reports.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officials in Gaziantep also uncovered another five kilograms of cocaine hidden inside an automobile that entered Turkey from Syria. The two Syrian suspects, Hüsam M., 40, and Şehmus M., 43, were reportedly traveling with their children and spouses to avoid detection.

via : HurriyetDailyNews.com

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