Police need cannabis spotters

With the cannabis-growing season in full swing in Northland – seen as the country’s dope-growing capital – police are urging rural folk to watch out for any suspicious activity and report it to them. Northland Police want farmers and other rural residents to watch for cannabis plots and suspicious activity associated with the drug. As part of their call, police have delivered a flyer throughout the region detailing what people should watch for and who to contact when they notice suspicious activity. Detective Sergeant John Miller said farmers and other rural residents needed to be vigilant, as cannabis growers often stole equipment to use in their plots, from quad bikes and electric fence units to fertiliser.

Cannabis growers had also been known to cut fences to get to their plots.   Mr Miller urged retailers, particularly rural supply companies, to take note of anyone purchasing large amounts of fencing equipment and plant nutrients. Rural residents should also take note of unusual vehicles, people coming and going and unusual lights at night. Police are appealing to the public not to “turn a blind eye” as cannabis growing has a harmful effect on everyone in the community, from the damage to young people through to associated crime. The annual operation has already netted thousands of plants and numerous offenders but police need help to reduce the amount of cannabis and related crime.”We cannot do it alone. We need communities to be on the look out,” Mr Miller said. Northland tops the country’s cannabis-growing statistics and, in last year’s annual operation, 34,917 cannabis plants were destroyed, more than a third of the national total of 97,000 plants.   Anyone with information is urged to contact police or call Crimestoppers on

via : NorthernAdvocate

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