Police say toilet plunger used as marijuana pipe

KINGFISHER, Okla. — Authorities in Kingfisher County made an interesting drug bust after pulling over a truck with a broken tail light. Police believe the driver was making a drug run that started in California but never made it through Kingfisher. “I got enough that he’s going to go away for a long time,” a deputy said. There were enough drugs and paraphernalia to fill an evidence room. We can’t show the face of the undercover agent, but we can show you what he found, jars even buckets full of marijuana police say they seized when making the traffic stop. “He was just acting a little bit funny, and my partner said he smelled burnt marijuana in the vehicle, and I told him I smelled green marijuana coming from the vehicle,” Kingfisher County Deputy Eric Richardson said. “He said that he did have marijuana in the floor board.”

Investigators say they found marijuana and empty beer cans inside the truck, and once their dog alerted to the trailer behind it, they found several mason jars and baby jars full of marijuana as well as a marijuana pipe that was made out of a toilet plunger.” Investigators arrested 47 year old Tracy Lyons. Deputies say they also found a meth pipe with residue as well as bath salts, something they say people often smoke, snort or mix with other narcotics. Deputies say Lyons claimed he at one time had permission to have the marijuana for medical purposes, but that he no longer had that permission. “He tried to explain that he’s from California, and he had a tax stamp at some point in California but then he misused it or mistreated his tax stamp, and they ended up taking it away,” Richardson said. Lyons was arrested and bonded out of jail. He’s now facing several charges.

via : KFOR

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