Political opposites team up to lead effort to legalize marijuana

Former US Attorney John McKay saw the effects of the war on drugs firsthand as Western Washington’s top Justice Department official.  And Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes sees it every day.  It’s why Holmes says the political opposites (McKay is a Republican, Holmes a Democrat) have joined together to lead a new effort that would legalize and regulate marijuana for recreational use and allow it to be sold in state liquor stores.  “We’ve both been convinced in our offices that marijuana prohibition is a failed policy,” Holmes said.  Holmes argues the war on marijuana has cost taxpayers millions to the benefit of drug cartels who profit on the black market created by the continued criminalization of marijuana.

“What is the wisest use of our limited law enforcement dollars?” Holmes asks.  “Do we want to spend it on a losing fight or battling violent crimes.  It shouldn’t be such a big deal.”  But it is a big deal to the federal government.  The proposed initiative would be the broadest marijuana measure in the country and put our state squarely in opposition to the other Washington, setting the stage for what could be a watershed time in the long running battle to outright legalize marijuana for all adults.  Holmes argues, if successful, the money could be used for drug prevention programs that he says would help lower the number of users rather than expanding pot’s reach.

via : My Northwest

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Political opposites team up to lead effort to legalize marijuana, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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