Possible Gears of War for the Kinect?

So there’s been alot of jibber jabberin fools talking about there possibly being a Gears of War developed for kinect. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not it is a new title or a retro-fitted Gears of War. Apparently Microsoft is using Spike’s Video Game Awards to announce new titles for the Kinect, Gears of War being one of them. Now how great would it be to use Kinect to play Gears of War 3? But I supposed that is the big quetion though. Will the control scheme for using the Kinect to play Gears of War be as epic as everyone hopes? Or will most of the hardcore gamers out there return to there controllers, whether it be due to the Kinect not being as emersive or fun as anticipated or they find there performace is hindered by it.

I just have to mention the Xbox 360 Kinect give away at BurgerKing right now. Only because of the fact I’ve been wolfing down Whoppers to try and win one myself. This is definitely a great way to get the product out there so people can start experiencing it though. One is won every 15 min approximately. THAT’S NUTS!

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