Pot Grower’s Sentence Longer than Killer’s

In sentencing on two serious felonies in Harju County Court on February 8, a four-year, three-month sentence was handed down to a cannabis grower – slightly more than was meted out to one of the two men who beat a man to death in a shopping mall parking lot.

In the case involving the fatal beating in July 2009, one man received a six-year, one-month sentence – which included a past suspended sentence – and his accomplice received the four-year sentence.

The beating occurred at the Kristiine Keskus shopping center in 2009. The sentences were the same as requested by the prosecutor.

In the cannabis cultivation case, the 34-year-old man was found with 207 plants in his apartment, 18 plants in the curing stage and 800 grams of marijuana. 

He was sentenced to four years and three months of real prison time. The apartment and an older vehicle were confiscated along with other personal items.

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