Pot plant stolen during drug buy

Police say two men came to an 18-year-old man’s house Saturday and stole his pot plant at gunpoint. “The victim had invited them in so he could purchase cannabis from them,” Lt. Mike Rompa said. Esaias A. Brown, 27, and another men went to meet with Scott R. Hujar, 18, around 3 p.m. at Hujar’s home at 60 Garden Drive, police said. The weed was reportedly passed back and forth around 3 p.m.

“(When) the offenders handed him a popcorn can, Hujar handed them $300,” Rompa said. “They pulled out the gun, took the money, the can and demanded the cannabis plant, which was being grown in the lower level of the home.” While Brown and his partner allegedly fled, Hujar called police to report four men had forced their way inside and robbed him.

After further questioning, Hujar reportedly admitted he had been robbed while buying drugs. He was arrested on a charge of cannabis possession after police seized four grams of pot and a second plant from the premises. Brown was found at his home, 481 Savannah Lane, and booked into the county jail on a charge of armed robbery. A second man is still being sought, police said.

via : TheHeraldNews

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  1. melanie1107 says:

    hello hello my fellow smokers!! Just found ya but lovin the videos. My 75 yr old stoner pop got a kick from the dumbass that called the cops. Cold play but couldve played back another way. Thanks for the laugh as we burned.

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