Pot smoking serial rapist ‘condoned’ his own attacks!?!

Western  Australia, Australia – A serial rapist who continues to smoke cannabis regularly in a maximum-security prison remains a significant risk to the community, a court has heard. Today Patrick Alfred Dennis Comeagain, a declared dangerous sexual offender, appeared in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in a bid to be released. As a dangerous sexual offender, Comeagain, 38, has been imprisoned indefinitely and his status is reviewed annually. Comeagain has a disturbing history of sex attacks, including five offences committed against a nine-year-old girl in 1994. His most recent offences occurred in 2000 and were committed just five weeks after he was released on parole. He was jailed for 12 years after two separate attacks against women who were raped and held against their will in their homes, and has been in Casuarina prison on indefinite release orders since 2008. Dr Adam Brett, a consultant forensic psychiatrist, told the court Comeagain should not be released from prison because he exhibited a high propensity to reoffend. He said Comeagain had a “chronic” history of sexual violence, he “condoned” his own behaviour and continued to use cannabis to “self-medicate” in prison. Dr Brett said Comeagain suffered from a psychopathic personality disorder and displayed callousness, a lack of empathy for his victims and impulsivity. Because Comeagain has continued to use drugs in prison, offences for which he has been charged, Mr Brett said he did not qualify for participation in an intensive sex offenders program. He recommended Comeagain undergo drug rehabilitation in prison so he could partake in the program. Dr Brett conceded Comeagain had an “awful history of trauma through his childhood”, and had been abused himself. However, he found this suffering as a child had made Comeagain accepting of sexual violence.

via : The Sydney Morning Herald

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