Pot-topped pizza on the menu in Vancouver, B.C.

Mega Ill Pizzaria marijuana pizza hbtv hemp beach tvA pair of entrepreneurs in Vancouver, B.C., have come up with a pizza topping that’s generating a fair amount of buzz.

Mega Ill Pizzaria (their spelling, not ours) offers to add marijuana to your pie for $10. Patrons can have dried marijuana sprinkled on top or get a drizzle of infused oil, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Customers can also vaporize marijuana while eating at Mega Ill, which is owned by cancer survivors Rocky Tolfree and Mark Klokeid, reports LA Times food writer Jenn Harris.

Klokeid, who already owned a medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver, opened the pizza restaurant with Tolfree last December. The two specialize in pizzas with whole wheat hemp heart (shelled hemp seeds) dough.

“I think it’s about where we want people to use cannabis, and I think in a safe 18-plus environment,” said Klokeid. “We don’t serve alcohol. Even recreationally, I think it’s a better alternative.”

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