Pro-Marijuana Group Targeting Alaska Laws

alaska hemp beach tv hbtvA national marijuana legalization group is targeting Alaska. The Marijuana Policy Project Group was instrumental in backing the Colorado’s ballot measure that passed in November. The group says, with over 1,200 medical marijuana users registered with the state, support for weed has been greater in Alaska than anywhere else.

Back in 2004, 44 percent of Alaska voters supported a legalization ballot measure. The MPP hopes to help local supporters put the issue back before Alaskan voters by 2014 with a ballot initiative calling for the state to regulate and tax weed in the same manner as alcohol.

Mason Tvert, from the Marijuana Policy Project group, says, “It’s just irrational to punish adults who are responsibly consuming a product that is far safer then one they can go currently purchase in the store. I think our currently policy of prohibition has utterly failed and its time for a new more sensible approach.”

The group also plans to pursue recreational legalization of pot in six other states.

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