Resistance 3 gets prequel novel

In the four years that pass between the events of Resistance 2 and Resistance 3, America is overrun by the invading alien menace known as the Chimera. While the third entry in Insomniac Games’ first-person shooter series tells the story of one former soldier’s last-ditch attempt to lash out at the invasion force, a new novel from sci-fi author William C. Dietz will fill in the gaps about how the situation became so dire.

Set for release this July, Resistance: A Hole in the Sky will follow Resistance 3 protagonist Joseph Capelli from the aftermath of the second game, in which he was a key supporting character. Resistance 3 is due out for the PlayStation 3 on September 6 and will follow Capelli on the road from Oklahoma to New York City as he attempts to put a dent in the Chimeran occupying force.

This is not the first time Dietz has written for games, or even the Resistance universe. He penned 2009’s Resistance: The Gathering Storm and has previously produced novels for series like Halo, Hitman, Star Wars: Dark Forces, and Starcraft. He will add another staple of sci-fi gaming to his collection later this year, when his as-yet-untitled Mass Effect novel debuts September 27.
via: gamespot
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