Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Smoked Marijuana Joints at Coachella Festival

Kristen Stewart Smoked Marijuana Joints at Coachella Festival hbtv hemp beach tvRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have taken the internet world by storm as they made the headlines over the weekend when they were spotted getting loved up, with their arms and hands entwined walking obliviously at the Coachella Festival Saturday, April 13. But the celebrity couple was allegedly caught smoking joints in the festival. How true are the rumors?

News outlets are saying onlookers who have spilled the beans couldn’t help themselves sharing what they saw, as they were seated at arms length with the loved-up couple. As if the couple had tried to experience what usually happens on retro hippie music festivals such as Coachella, Robert and Kristen had allegedly taken some hits and went on to smoking grass.

Fans who found a spot close to Rpattz and Kstew described them “inhaling the demon weed.” “I can not believe this,” tweeted one fan who said he was “just steps from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry.” “Kristen was next to him when I saw him,” said another, adding that ” she’s even prettier,” referring to Robert’s girl who strutted her slim pins in black shorts shorts and white top. “Robert Pattinson sighting life is complete,” a third onlooked tweeted.

“After 20 minutes dancing you realize right next to you is #katyperry while #robertpattinson and #kristenstewart are smoking a joint,” a fan posted on her Twitter ecstatically. Do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would really smoke grass? No photos of the two smoking joints have been posted any where on the web. Kristen and Robert had been spotted having a grand time with singer and friend, Katy Perry. They were seen walking the Coachella festival over the weekend. Other stars and celebrities were also spotted having at this year’s music festival.

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