Sacramento cannabis club forced to close

SACRAMENTO, CA – A federal crackdown has forced dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento County and within city limits to shutdown. Some closed voluntarily saying it’s not worth fighting the Feds. Now, the federal government is requiring “One Love Wellness”, a cannabis club in the city of Sacramento, to close by New Year’s Eve. News of its impending closure surprised some medical marijuana advocates. They thought city-regulated dispensaries were safe from the federal crackdown. Back in September the federal government seized nearly $80,000 from the bank account of One Love Wellness.


Tax agents claim the dispensary made multiple smaller cash deposits to avoid federal reporting laws. That issue was resolved.   Its planned closure Saturday is upsetting patients as well as employees.  Lily Leduff, a patient service representative at One Love Wellness said the dispensary serves 200 people a day. “People have been calling us all day and they’re shocked that we’re closing…they don’t know what to do,” Leduff said. “I’m so sad. It’s like a punch in the gut to me,” medical marijuana patient Shelly Rambo said. “I don’t won’t to go back on the street. It’s just wrong.” Representatives for “One Love Wellness” said their landlord received a notice from the federal government about two months ago threatening a shutdown. The dispensary thought it was safe and that the Feds intended to target county businesses. Many dispensaries in Sacramento County and city are in a state of limbo. There’s also a freeze on the permitting process for new medical marijuana dispensaries.

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