Sakaguchi’s Career Tied To Last Story’s Reception

Final Fantasy luminary Hironobu Sakaguchi has previously stated that The Last Story may indeed be his last gaming endeavor, and the thought is apparently still weighing on his mind. At an event in Japan this week Sakaguchi mused that poor reception for The Last Story may mark a disconnect with the audience he is developing for.

“If the game is received poorly, perhaps my sense does not match with the times,” Sakaguchi said in a very candid statement. “In that case, while I won’t go as far as ‘I won’t ever make games again,’ it would be meaningless to make games for a while. With that feeling, I’ve given my all.”

Sakaguchi doesn’t clarify if he is referring to critical or commercial reception. While The Last Story’s title may be foreshadowing for Sakaguchi, Mistwalker’s newest project still has our attention.

via: gameinformer

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