Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Dispensary Sees Advantage of Clean Green Certification

Fifteen years after medical marijuana was legalized in California, there are still few regulations governing safety standards. It has fallen to concerned people within the industry to take charge of their own health and safety certification. Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals, a medical cannabis collective in Aptos, CA, has chosen to undergo evaluation by the Clean Green Certified third-party medical marijuana inspection program for safety and legal compliance.

The Clean Green Certification Program, created by California medical cannabis compliance lawyer Chris Van Hook, is setting a new standard for medical cannabis quality control. The independent third-party verification program assures medical cannabis bearing its label is grown without harmful chemicals and fertilizers, and is compliant with strict quality control and legal practice standards from seed to final patient.

In order for collectives including Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals to get Clean Green Certified status, they must also be inspected for safety and cleanliness. They must assure their legal compliance with medical [marijuana standards in California by having demonstrable policies in place for non-diversion of product into the illegal market. They must have a documented “closed loop” arrangement showing that their product is grown by members and distributed to members, and everyone involved has a current doctor’s recommendation. Further, they are required to have a method of controlling access to the facility.

“We are proud to certify Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals. Members of the collective are truly dedicated to getting reliably safe medicine to their patients,” said Van Hook.

Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals was formed because of the need for patients to have access to safe and reliable medicine from a trustworthy source. As the only Clean Green Certified medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Cruz County, the collective is able to offer members a level of assurance about the quality of their products and policies that is unrivaled by area dispensaries.

The dispensary tests all of its medicine, including buds that are Clean Green Certified, with nearby SC Laboratories, which tests for a wide variety of pesticides and microbiological contaminants, and analyzes potency. SC Laboratories, the official testing lab of Weedmaps, was founded to help bring the scientific rigor used in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries to the medical marijuana industry.

“We see it as a positive way to move medical cannabis beyond the counterculture and into the mainstream,” says co-founder Alec Dixon. “The increase in testing will provide a self-correcting instrument in this industry and help edge out the people who may not be in it for the right reasons.”

In an article about California medical cannabis certification recently featured in the LA Times, Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals founder Colin Disheroon explained his concerns about the general lack of standards in the medical marijuana industry, and said he hopes implementing these standards will help lead to national reform.

“This is an industry where we’re really at the front edge of regulation right now,” Disheroon said. “If this industry is going to emerge into the light of day across the nation, it has to have the right things in place.”

This voluntary participation in the Clean Green Certification program has helped Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals gain a reputation as a trustworthy source of medical marijuana.

“Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals is creating the standard in Santa Cruz and The Bay Area as well. I’ve gone in several times and just been blown away by their amazing product and proof of it too,” said one patient in a Weedmaps review.

About Clean Green Certified
Clean Green Certified, an independent third-party certification program created by medical cannabis attorney Chris Van Hook, is an agricultural process review and certification program based on the non-use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and sprays, and the building of consumer confidence that their agricultural products are produced in manner that is both healthy and safe for the environment. Their California medical marijuana quality control programs also include Best Practices certification, which allows the limited and responsible use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, and compliance with Mendocino County Code 9.31 (the medical cannabis cultivation regulation ordinance).

Clean Green’s expert legal team also provides services that include: medical cannabis expert witness testimony; on-site inspections; medical cannabis compliance for growers and for handlers/processors/dispensaries; formation of grower collectives and nonprofit corporations; commercial leases; product licensing; contracts and real property issues; administrative law; and permit assistance and acquisition.

For more information about the Clean Green Certified program, call Chris Van Hook at (707) 218-6979 or visit

About Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals
Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals is a non-profit medical cannabis collective dedicated to setting and creating a new standard for the medical cannabis community. They are the first and only Clean Green Certified collective in Santa Cruz County. Their focus is to provide not only high-quality, Clean Green Certified and Santa Cruz Labs-tested medical cannabis and related products to members, but also to provide a wide variety of alternative health and educational services. They believe that medical marijuana, if utilized properly, can not only provide an opportunity for an affordable and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, it can be used to stimulate and enhance local communities.

For more information about Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals, call them at (831) 688-7266 or visit

About SC Laboratories
SC Laboratories is one of the first independent analytical institutions to recognize the importance of promoting cannabis safety through education, testing and certification. Their goal is to encourage the cannabis industry to demand the highest level of safety management and contaminant control practices available. It is their belief that by proving that medical cannabis can be produced and handled in a safe and sustainable manner, they can provide greater value and safety assurances to patients and consumers.

For more information about SC Laboratories, call them at (831) 475-1844 or visit
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