Sarah Silverman Caught Smoking Pot in a Public Parking Lot

She’s never been shy about her advocacy for marijuana use, and now funny-girl Sarah Silverman is apparently putting her pro-pot beliefs on full display – as she was spotted lighting up in Los Angeles, California public parking lot yesterday (July 18).

Not worried about the possible repercussions of participating in the law-breaking activity, the 40-year-old comedian and her actor pal could be seen firing up the alleged joint and engaging in a rather animated discussion in between tokes.

Sarah noted her love for cannabis, in her book, “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee,” ironically released on 4/20, writing, “I’d have to be honest: I have contempt for pretty much every drug other than pot. I find drunk people gross. Most people with more than one drink in them aren’t giggly, goofy and happy the way people are with a puff of pot smoke in them… At a party, I have so much fun stoned, flitting about – but once I sniff that first wave of drunkenness on someone, I’m out of there.”

Silverman, who suffers from clinical depression, is also a staunch supporter of the drug for medicinal use and often campaigns for its legalization.

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