Should the Florida Legislature go ahead and approve medical marijuana?

florida medical marijuana 2014 hbtv hemp beach tvThey should, but don’t bet on it. The idea of passing even a sensible measure, like the one offered up by state Reps. Katie Edwards, D.-Plantation, and Mark Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, that will allow families in Florida to gain access to a strain of marijuana that will treat seizure but won’t get you high.

The strain, known as Charlotte’s Web, is high in cannabidiol but low in THC. The first reduces and even eliminates seizures. The second produces that good, good feeling that makes weed popular.

Twenty one state and Washington, D.C. have already legalized medical marijuana. Right now Florida shows little signs of quickly following that trend.

There’s a push to put the question on the November 2014 ballot. If the state Supreme Court approves, the referendum may be too popular to ignore. State lawmakers should get out in front of this issue, but the smart money here says a majority of them won’t.

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