Hemp Beach TV


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Hemp Beach TV, 9.9 out of 10 based on 32 ratings

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  1. Freshman says:


  2. Skunk says:


  3. cherrypopper says:

    nice show! you should get a vaporizer on your show. i watched the light bulb tutorial but you should use one in episode 102. been a fan of your show since show number 5 and you’ve done a great job in keepin it up. love the show guys. haha also freshman why not make those stoners that helped you along with the show come be a part of it again in a group eppisode. get that high times girl back tho. me n u both know cock fests aren’t fun. peace

  4. keponekid says:

    HempBeachTV trumps em all bro!!! Not only is watching it Very Entertaining&Educational but its our Natural way of Life and I walk around with my head held HIGH Proud to be part of “The Hemp Beach Nation” and so should youuuuuuuu

  5. bobmarleychiefs420 says:

    What is that black thing they are smoking out of on the newest episode…they said there is a product review, but i can’t find it… they say during the show that it can switch from vape to smoke…im very interested in where i can get one! thanks!

  6. bobmarleychiefs420 says:

    Don’t take it the wrong way, but EPIC FAIL… not you but the green clean

  7. IvyKilla says:

    Of course Epic Meal are canadian as fuck lol what is the thing canadian love to do the most? i know most of the us citizen would say play hockey and cut woods but reality the things canadian like the most is geting high and eat as much food as you can lol

  8. mArLeyPuRpz says:

    Hemp Beach Rocks!!! whoot whoot

  9. mArLeyPuRpz says:

    Hell yeah!!! :):)) u guyz are sooooo funny….Halarious!!!Im always waiting for the next episode!!lol You guyz are AWESOME!!!! peace

  10. Alldayerday says:

    Man love the show, In ontario, Canada where i live it is going to be decriminalized hopeul for JUly 11th this year if the federal government doesnt intervene. Our Province first, then hopeful the continent.

  11. 561CANNABISKING says:

    yo freshman legit looks like chuck norris

  12. chook says:

    I love u guys. I so want to get high with you. Peace.
    The Herb is the savior of mankind.
    Bob Marley

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