Silent Hill: Downpour Developer Talks Scrapped Multiplayer Plans

Silent Hill is all about fear, and a lot of fear comes from isolation. That’s why it’s so surprising that developer Vatra Games had some plans for co-op multiplayer before ultimately deciding it wouldn’t work out for Silent Hill: Downpour.

“It was something that they looked at very early in the game, then just didn’t think we could do it justice yet,” says design director Brian Gomez when we visited the Czech-based studio for our feature on the game in issue 214 of Game Informer.

“We were thinking with Konami, of course, to do some cooperative experience,” continues lead designer Marek Berka. “But obviously it had its own problems, like isolation, atmosphere, working for this type of horror game. We have basically tried to do something that was two players playing in the environment, but not in the same place. So they could have a part where they were playing with each other, but they were split up, either by events or their decisions. But this is really like something in the future.”

So co-op isn’t in the works currently for Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami appears to have it on its mind. Do you think that the series would benefit from expanding the player count?

via: gameinformer

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