Sixth marijuana clinic opens in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A medical marijuana dispensary that opened Saturday in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the sixth in the city, its owner says.

Six volunteers operate the Imedikate Medical Cannabis Dispensary, which already has 60 regular patients, the Vancouver Sun reported Monday.

The new dispensary is the first in south Vancouver.

“It’s about being open. We want to destigmatize marijuana use,” said Imedikate director Jacob Hunter.

“[Patients] feel judged. What we’re trying to do here is bring it out in the open and show that medical marijuana is just another type of medication,” he said.

Patients must bring proof of a serious illness or a recommendation from a doctor for marijuana to be dispensed.

“It’s not like someone can walk in and walk out with marijuana unless they’re seriously ill,” Hunter said.

A doctor would be available to assess people whose family doctor was not supportive of such treatment, he said.

Hunter said the shops operate “on the edge of the legislative law” because Health Canada refuses to issue a dispensary license, but the country’s judiciary has ruled people have a right to medical marijuana.

via : UPI

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