SNL Tears into Nancy Grace’s Marijuana Scaremongering *VIDEO*

nancy grace marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvHLN’s Nancy Grace has long been ripe for a Saturday Night Live mockery, and with her crusade against marijuana last week, the sketch comedy show tore into her tonight.

Grace (played by Noël Wells) interviewed several people benefiting from Colorado’s legalized pot. “What about the babies?!?!” she kept asking, because that’s literally the crux of her entire argument.

SNL‘s Nancy Grace talks about legalization of marijuana in Colorado with a pro-pot bakery owner and comedian Katt Williams (played by SNL host Drake). Of course, this skit is making fun of Nancy Grace’s recent claims that people on pot shoot, stab, strangle each other and kill whole families.

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SNL Tears into Nancy Grace’s Marijuana Scaremongering *VIDEO*, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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