South Bay Healing Center Announces They Support the San Jose Medical Marijuana Ordinance Reform

The San Jose Medical Marijuana Ordinance Reform is supported by South Bay Healing Center, a non-profit medical cannabis collective in San Jose.

The city of San Jose passed an ordinance on September 27 with the appearance of providing regulations to the medical marijuana industry in San Jose. The real fact of the matter is the current ordinance is much closer to a ban than any type of workable regulations or guidelines, comments Marc Matulich of South Bay Healing Center. Some of the ordinance regulations include limiting the number of collectives to 10, requiring onsite cultivation of all medicine, and a first come, first serve application process for issuing permits.

South Bay Healing Center joined forces with other local collectives in reforming the current ordinance to ensure safe access of medical grade cannabis for all San Jose patients. South Bay Healing Center, along with approximately 25 other San Jose collectives, has formed a grass roots organization, Citizen’s Coalition for Patient Care (CCPC).

They were able to accomplish their goal, successfully getting the referendum through, with approximately 48,000 signatures, although only 29,000 were required, and raising approximately $200,000 from the local cannabis community collectives and individual patients.

“We stand behind our work and the medical marijuana laws of California. San Jose patients need safe access to medical grade cannabis,” says Marc Matulich of South Bay Healing Center. “It is also our goal to clearly inform San Jose voters of the possible impact this ordinance will have on the local economy. Closing cannabis collectives in San Jose will eliminate more than 1,500 local jobs and $3.6 million in San Jose tax revenue and California sales tax as well. This is an ordinance that San Jose cannot afford. SBHC is in favor of a workable medical marijuana ordinance which helps regulate San Jose collectives. SBHC is not in favor of an ordinance that will have a negative impact of the residents of San Jose.”

For more information on South Bay Healing Center, call (408) 899-4676 or visit them online at South Bay Healing Center is located at 991 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA.
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South Bay Healing Center Announces They Support the San Jose Medical Marijuana Ordinance Reform, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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