Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Date: September?

According to sources quoted by, Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out a bit later than originally thought. MCV’s “development sources” say that SW: TOR‘s release date is in September. While no official release date has ever been announced, comments made by EA head John Riccitiello suggested a Spring 2011 release date was likely.

No matter when The Old Republic hits stores, there’s a lot riding on this game. It’s a game release on a massive scale — the scale of a combination of developer’s-developer Bioware and the Star Wars Universe in a persistent game can not be overstated. So there’s a lot on the positive side of the ledger for SW: TOR... but there are some pretty huge negatives as well.

Challenged facing The Old Republic:

  • There’s the cost of developing a full-scale MMO. Supposedly, over 300 million bucks have already been spent on building The Old Republic, so they’ll need a lot of subscriptions.
  • There is already a Star Wars MMO. People who follow the gaming industry closely might understand how different a Bioware Star Wars MMO is from SOE’s Star Wars: Galaxies, but will the average consumer?
  • World of Warcraft: the huge variety of people who play MMOs play World of Warcraft. Will The Old Republic be able to lure enough hardcore WoW-heads to make their nut?

What do you guys think? Are you ready for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

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