State leaders, lawmakers set to attend Marijuana Summit

The debate over marijuana for medication and recreation is coming to Las Vegas this week. Lawmakers and law enforcement officials from across Nevada, including the Attorney General, are preparing for Thursday’s Marijuana Summit.

The event is taking place on the heels of a big marijuana bust by Metro’s narcotics detectives.

In the shadow of the federal courthouse, two dozen people with signs, such as one that reads “Regulate not Incarcerate,” protested Wednesday what they say is Nevada’s restrictive medical marijuana law.

Some even lit up right in front of our camera.

In the Silver State, medical marijuana users can grow their own plants, but activist David Schwartz says Nevada needs cannabis dispensaries like California has.

“With a grow time for some plants being 12 to 16 weeks, somebody that applies for this may only have a month to live; may never actually be able to access the medication that would help them in the process.”

Marijuana use is a hot topic in the valley. Recently, several medical marijuana businesses were busted. On Tuesday evening, police found 200 marijuana plants at a home in the northwest part of the valley.

Police say the plants from Tuesday’s bust have a street value of half a million dollars. Police arrested four suspects, who are now facing felony charges.

“We didn’t know if anyone even lived there,” neighbor Kristina Dollard said. “We didn’t see any cars coming out.”

Dollard says she saw a flurry of SWAT and police cars when she returned home from work.

“I have a one and a half year old and a five year old. I’m very close with my neighbors; we play outside. There’s kids down the street we play soccer with; we’re riding bikes. We never would have thought this would happen here, ever.”

David Marlon is president of Solutions Recovery, a drug treatment center. His group is sponsoring this week’s Marijuana Summit for lawmakers and law enforcement. While he supports medical marijuana in pill form, he’s skeptical of the drug.

“Marijuana ends up being a gateway drug into methamphetamines, into heroin, into other terrible drugs.”

Marlon says he’s expecting representatives from all of Nevada’s counties to attend the two day summit. Experts from other states will talk about their drug laws.

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