Cannacream Cheese

1 ounce cannabis
1 gallon whole milk
1 quart cultured buttermilk
1/2 teaspoon salt

Grind the cannabis into a very fine powder, making sure to sift out any stems (or seeds if any). Pour the milk and buttermilk into a large pan and insert a thermometer into the pan. You can buy a candy thermometer, or one that attaches to the side of the pan, for cheap at any grocery store. Add the powdered cannabis into the milk mixture and cook over medium heat, stirring occassionally until the temperature reaches 170º F.

Keep the mixture on the heat and the temperature of the milk between 170-175º F. After 15 minutes, pour the mixture though cheesecloth to remove the particles of marijuana. This step is optional, you can leave the bud in there, especially if you used a coffee grinder to finely chop it into a powder. Return the mixture to the pan. Wait another 15 minutes after you return the milk mixture to the pan and the it should start to seperate into curds (the lumps) and whey (the liquid).

Line a strainer with several layers of moistened cheesecloth and set it inside a large bowl. Pour the mixture through the strainer to lift the curds from the milk mixture. You can save or get rid of the liquid that’s left, but it can be used in other recipes.

Let the curds drain at room temperature for 2-4 hours. Remove the cheese from the cheesecloth and place in a blender with salt. Blend until creamy.

Store the cheese in small containers with tight fitting lids and refrigerate. You can also freeze and then thaw the cream cheese, but you have to blend it to make it creamy again.

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