We’re going to get back to the basics and make my version (and Samuel L. Jackson’s version) of CANNABUTTER! If you make edibles a lot like I do there are a few essential kitchen utensils you may want to invest in. First, you need to powder your weed so you will need a coffee grinder. Powdering your weed creates a better surface area for the butter fat to bond to the THC. Coffee grinders are fairly inexpensive, you should be able to find one for less than $20. You will also need some cheese cloth, you’ll use this to strain the weed out of the butter. Finally, you will want to use a potato ricer to squeeze out the excess butter from your weed. This will also increase the potency slightly in your budder because you will be pressing out the liquid goldfrom the saturated butter. I use salted Irish butter when I make cannabudder. This butter has a much higher fat content than conventional butter and can absorb more THC because of it’s higher fat content. You can make cannabudder from a number of different starting materials, here’s a useful guide I go by:

per 1 pound of butter

  • Stems and Leaves 2 oz – mild; 4 oz – strong
  • Frosty trim and Vaped bud 1 oz – mild; 2 oz – strong
  • Regular cannabis buds 1/2 oz – mild; 1 oz – strong
  • Powerful cannabis, kief and hash 1/4 oz – mild; 1/2 oz – strong


These numbers are of course just suggestions, you can add however much you want. I typically roll with the “strong” amounts. When my cannabudder is complete I like to triple wash the budder. This releases some of the impurities in the cannabudder and also GREATLY improves the taste of your budder. If you care about how your shit tastes, I highly suggest washing it. To wash/rinse the cannabudder you have to re-melt your strained and finished cannabuddder in a few cups of water in a clean pot and simmer on low for 20 minutes. Pour the butter water mix back into a clean container and place it in the refrigerator until solid. Repeat this melting & solidifying process until the water that is being separated from the butter is clear. It typically takes 3 washes. Ok, enough talk…let’s make some budda!

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