Pot Butter

Using a double boiler or two pots, melt the butter on low heat. When using two pots, fill the larger (bottom) pot with water and the top pot with butter.

2) Once the butter has melted, add the weed.  The amount of weed will determine the potency.  For example, a “light” batch may use 3/4 of an ounce of weed to 5 sticks of butter.

3) Simmer for 20-30 minutes stirring every 5 minutes.

4) Let sit for 5 minutes then strain the pot butter (using cheesecloth) into a small bowl.

5) Once cool enough to handle, pick up the cheesecloth  and squeeze out the juice.

6) Cover and refrigerate until semi-solid.

-Use in every recipe below!
-Spread on toast
-Top your popcorn
-As substitute for any recipe that calls for butter


Marijuana butter (also: bud butter, ganja butter)

The most convenient way to use and store marijuana for cooking is to make marijuana butter, which can be cut into pieces and ziploc bagged for freezing and later used in cooking of all kinds.Here is the basic recipe:

1 lb. of butter (no margarin)

1/2 ounce of marijuana BUD flour
(or 1 ounce of shake flour or 2 ounces of leaf flour)

Dry marijuana, leaf or shake can be floured by using a coffee grinder, pepper grinder or blender. Place powdered marijuana and butter in crockpot. It is convenient to cook 3 or 4 pounds of butter at one time in a standard size crockpot. However, for smaller amounts, small crockpots are available for cooking only one pound of butter, or less.

Heat butter and marijuana flour together in the crockpot on the lowest setting for 24 hours. When cool enough to handle, pour through the double layer of cheesecloth lined strainer into the large bowl. Twist pulp in the double layer of cheesecloth to get out all the liquid butter you can. Yummie….. pour into ceramic or glass dish for cooling. Refrigerate to quicken cooling. When cool cut into large pieces, place green butter in large ziploc bag for freezing.

NOTE: it is a tradition to use the lowest grades of leaf or shake for baking and save the marijuana for smoking. However, experience has revised our view of baking and eating therapy. Now we use only high-grade indica leaf from the colas of plants, or dry bud of the best quality we can obtain. The quality, strength and endurance of the marijuana you use in your baking will come through in the effects experienced with eating therapy. Use only 1 ounce of shake flour or 1/2 ounce of bud flour per lb. butter, since these will be stronger than leaf. Amounts are approximate, since much is determined by the variance in strength of the marijuana used, as well as the strength of effect you wish to achieve. experiment.

Now you have a quantity of marijuana butter. It will keep a long time in the freezer and you can use it just as you would use any butter in any recipe for cookies, brownies, muffins, gingerbread, spicecake, zucchini bread, banana nut loaf, pie, or recipes of all kinds, or enjoy it straight, in tiny amounts (approximately 1 tsp. per dose) on your bagel or toast, on your pancakes or with your eggs and English muffin. Use your imagination!

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No Responses to “Pot Butter”

  1. cherrypopper says:

    so what if you used half an ounce of hash? you would be real fucked up

  2. CaliGirl67 says:

    I have a favorite brownie mix that uses exactly 1 stick of butter.
    I use this double boiler method for it — using 1/8th of med grade flower to 1 stick of butter.
    If I have hash, I add that too (usually about a gram…more if I’m feeling frisky)
    Works very well…to the point of pretty much losing all track of time 🙂

  3. Kathalee says:

    I made a butter 2 lbs.last week thats color was the green brighter than glow-in-the-dark sicks… Used 1oz leaf, 1/2oz bud and 2 teaspoons of keef. Made cobbler got people just wanting to give me stuff to make more WAS great party for all that got some LOL

  4. HempsterMcGutter says:

    this is some really nifty information to have. i want to open a medical bakery and this will be very useful in making some great edibles. thanks guys.

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