Blazed Cheessteak

a bunch of those pre sliced steaks from the frozen food section
ALOT of fatty American Cheese, Provalone or BOTH!
ALOT of onions
ALOT of olive oil or Cannaoil+
ALOT of butter or Cannabutter+
so basiclly ALOT of everything lol
and 3 grams to 1/8 of well ground weed

Start by melting everything down in a pan and then adding the weed and letting simmer for around 15 mins (DONT LET THE CHEESE BURN) then add the onions and steak and cook untill ready. Now take out buns and put the steak and onions onto another plate and put an even amount of the oil and cheese on each bun untill all is out of the pan. Then add the steak and enjoy!

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