Student Not Allowed To Take Prescribed Marijuana At School

A 16-year-old boy in Colorado Springs, Colorado isn’t allowed to take his prescribed medication at school because he can’t attend school “under the influence.” What makes his situation any different than any other student who has to take meds at school is that his prescribed medication is medicinal marijuana. The student’s father, Shan Moore, said that the medical marijuana has been a “miracle drug” for his son, who suffers from myaclonus diaphragmatic flutter which causes chest and throat seizures. The teen doesn’t smoke the weed, he simply ingests a lozenge or pill.

The marijuana pill helps stop the attacks and allows him to function normally. The problem is, is that under state law, the teen is not allowed to possess marijuana on school grounds, so he is not allowed to leave it with the school nurse like other medications. His family came up with a plan to solve the problem. They figured he could just come home and take the pill when needed, then go back to school after he’s taken it. Unfortunately, there was a problem with that too. The family says they were told that the boy is not allowed at school on any day he has taken medical marijuana.

The school district released a statement saying that, “If the student ingests medical marijuana off-campus and returns to school, then as long as the student isn’t disruptive or showing signs of impairment then they are treated just like any other student.” Moore says a district nurse told him his son could come back to school after taking the marijuana as long as the school doesn’t know he’s taken it. The family says they are trying to live by the rules, but need some clarification. They also want the state law to change so that medical marijuana could be administered by a school nurse, just like other prescription drugs.

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