Students think medical marijuana is okay

NORML Kats conducted a sidewalk survey at Bearkat Plaza asking random students their opinion on allowing medical marijuana usage on Thursday, March 3. Our results were astounding and show that the majority of Sam Houston students are demanding the legalization of medical marijuana for critically ill patients.

In a national Gallup poll, 75 percent of the nation’s adults are in favor of allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients in order to ease pain and suffering. That is to say, 75 percent of Americans, across all ages, levels of education and political ideologies, agree with legalizing medicinal marijuana.

The survey then broke down their results into further categories. Eighty percent of political moderates and Independents agree with legalizing marijuana as do 64 percent of conservatives. Most importantly, 81 percent of adults between the ages of 50 and 64 agree with legalizing medical marijuana, the age group that would most likely benefit the most from pro-medical marijuana legislation.

The survey conducted by NORML Kats strongly correlates with the Gallup poll’s findings and even exceeds their results. When asked if critically ill patients in Texas should have access to legal medical marijuana if their doctors so advise, 88 percent of Bearkats responded favorably.

NORML Kats was careful to minimize biases by approaching anyone in Bearkat Plaza or near the Lowman Student Center. There was not a selection process of any kind, and people of all genders, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and political affiliations were questioned in the survey.

Even with adjustments for error, this poll shows what professional polls show, that Americans are sick and tired of fear based policies and want the right to reasonable access to medications for themselves and their families.

This issue transcends political, ethnic, religious and gender boundaries and there is no excuse for denying those in need of a medication that works. Legalizing medical marijuana is both compassionate and responsible and critically ill patients who are suffering should not be denied the medication that they are pleading for.

via : Houstonian Online

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