Synthetic cannabis ban passed overnight

Legislation was passed in Parliament last night banning dozens of synthetic cannabis products for 12 months.  Forty-three products, including the popular Kronic, will be banned.  Retailers will have seven days to remove them from sale after a notice is issued early next week.  The ban is an interim measure while the Government overhauls the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, which will ultimately require manufacturers to prove the safety of products before they can be sold.

The Government will apply the ban using a ‘temporary class drug notice’ which is a new mechanism that places a temporary ban on “unregulated substances of concern”.  A product can be temporarily classified as a drug when the Minister of Health is concerned about its availability as an “unregulated psychoactive substance for which there is an unknown level of harm”, a Government document said.

Mr Dunne says new products will “be dealt with when they arrive”. These products change frequently, and new ones are put on the market with a different ingredient or two. We will basically be able to capture them all,” he says.  A permanent ban is expected to be implemented next year.

via : 3 News

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