Tampa Florida Mom Wants Medical Marijuana For Toddler Who Has Brain Cancer

Dahlia Barnhart  hbtv hemp beach tvDahlia Barnhart is a two-year-old with an infectious laugh who loves to dance. “I have never met a child as loving or as sweet,” says Dahlia’s mother Moriah Barnhart. But earlier this year, this Tampa toddler was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. After emergency surgeries to remove the tumor and reduce pressure on the brain, Dahlia’s recovery is just beginning with multiple rounds of chemo. She’ll be eligible for radiation when she turns three.

“A good day for us is a horrifying day for most people,” said Barnhart. “Her pain, and her nausea and hearing her cry…there are just no words to describe.”

That’s why last month Dahlia’s mom started researching an unconventional, currently illegal alternate treatment– medical marijuana.

“It’s a plant that cures,” says Barnhart. “I want doctors to be able to take that plant and utilize it to benefit my daughter.”

Barnhart admits even she dismissed the idea at first.

“There is probably nothing anyone could have said or done four-and-a-half moths ago, to convince me. That’s why I made a video [about our experience] because if you question where I’m at now, please see where I’ve been.

Barnhart knows marijuana isn’t a cure, but does believe it could reduce side effects: the seizures, extreme pain and nausea. She’s taking her case to lawmakers on Facebook and YouTube in hopes of changing federal laws allowing for research into benefits she believes could help Dahlia live.


“I want my daughter to wake up and remember what it’s like to want to be here,” said Barnhart. “She’s 2 years old. She should wake up every day excited that she’s alive.”

Moriah Barnhart has created a petition on the White House website hoping to convince the President to take potential action.

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