Tech Company Identifies Marijuana Strains With Artificial Intelligence

Ever wonder what type of marijuana you have? There’s an app for that, and  it’s called StrainBrain-the newest creation from the Medical Cannabis Network  (MCN). At, medical marijuana patients can upload pictures of  their cannabis, and the web application will use a proprietary software system  (similar to facial recognition technology) to automatically identify the strain  and its medical uses, show locations where the strain can be purchased legally,  and provide strain suggestions for similar strains. This is the first time in  history that facial recognition technology has been applied to the cannabis  industry, making StrainBrain the most sophisticated marijuana reviews site ever  created.

“StrainBrain is breaking new ground for the medical marijuana industry. It  combines the latest technology to give patients a new level of visibility into  their medicine, letting them know exactly what strain they have, and helping  them find a legal source to purchase it from,” said Jason Draizin, CEO of MCN.  “This is especially valuable for patients who receive their medicine from  dispensaries or caregivers that don’t provide detailed product information. And  for patients who unfortunately are still resorting to the black market-which I  would imagine provides little to no information about the product.”

StrainBrain uses a unique algorithm and proprietary image recognition  technology to calculate the cannabinoid profile of each strain to determine  possible matches in StrainBrain’s comprehensive cannabis catalog. It then  supplies detailed information about that specific strain, including medical uses  and real laboratory data identifying its chemical composition.

Not only can it identify the exact type of green goodness in each uploaded  picture, it will also launch a strain suggestion tool to identify other strains  that users may like. The app considers pricing, medical uses and other people’s  preferences when providing strain suggestions.

Additionally, StrainBrain is fully integrated with MCN’s recently acquired dispensary directory. This will allow real-time, location-based  dispensary menu data to be displayed for each strain, giving users the power to  compare prices and choose the best place to go to legally purchase medical  marijuana.

StrainBrain is a web based application, but soon to follow is a mobile-based  app which will be available at the iTunes store later in 2011.
via : SF Gate

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