Teen jailed for driving children, mother around high on marijuana

A La Villa teenager is facing child endangerment and assault charges after driving his mother and others around while under the influence of marijuana. La Villa Police Lt. Daniel Kafka said a 16-year-old was found driving a Ford Expedition with two adult passengers, a 15-year-old and his 8-year-old and a 5-year-old relatives. According to Lt. Kafka, the teen pulled up next to a police officer at a Stripes convenience store Sunday night at about 10 p.m The officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana when a woman got out of the car.

He called in a K-9 unit. Upon arrival, the K-9 officer uncovered two ounces of marijuana hidden near the fuel pump. The officers arrested the 16-year-old and took a 15-year-old boy and the woman into custody. Police say an adult man identified as the teen’s uncle was also riding in the Expedition but took off on foot shortly after the officers approached. Once at the station, Lt. Kafka said the two teens had “an altercation” and assaulted the arresting officer.

The 15-year-old was eventually released to his parents, while the woman was identified as the 16-year-old’s mother and cited with public intoxication. Meanwhile, the 16-year old driver faces charges on two counts of child endangerment, for possession of marijuana, assault on a public officer, and for having ficticious plates. Lt. Kafka said the sticker on the Explorer’s window belonged to another car.

The teen was transferred tot he David Ramirez Juvenile Detention Center. La Villa police are looking the teen’s uncle that fled the scene, but he left behind his driver’s license inside the SUV.

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