Teen sold marijuana brownies at Valpo high school

hemp beach tv stoner chocolate chip brownies weed potA 16-year-old was arrested after admittedly distributing marijuana-laced brownies at Valparaiso High School on Dec. 21.

Police and school officials began investigating that afternoon after receiving an anonymously texted tip. They found a baking pan, a butter knife and a plastic container, which smelled strongly of the drug, while searching the suspect’s locker. Brought out of class, the student admitted making the brownies with

The student also allegedly reported selling four brownies for $40 to one student, giving three other brownies away and eating the remaining two.

Police searched the lockers of the four other students suspected of being involved but found nothing illegal in them. They were sent for drug tests and suspended from school pending the results, according to the police report.

Brownie crumbs from the pan and a small amount of plant material found in the brownie-baker’s backpack field tested positive for marijuana, police said. The suspect was charged with dealing marijuana on school property, a class C felony. a parent that morning.

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