Teens Try to Eat Marijuana During Traffic Stop

Farmington Hills police hbtv hemp beach tvTwo Farmington Hills teens face drug-related charges, after at least one of them tried to eat marijuana that another was carrying during an April 19 traffic stop at Ontaga and Independence.

According to the Farmington Hills Police report, police stopped the vehicle at around 9:15 p.m., because the left brake light wasn’t working. Police noticed a strong smell of fresh marijuana, but the driver and a passenger said there was none in the vehicle. While talking with a 17-year-old passenger, police noticed he had balls of marijuana inside his mouth, which the teen then spit onto the street.

The report indicated that when the 16-year-old passenger got out of the vehicle, a small bag of marijuana fell to the ground. The teen told police that as the vehicle was being stopped, he retrieved the bag from its hiding place in his crotch and gave the contents to the others to swallow. Several pieces of chewed marijuana were found on the floor of the vehicle.

The driver was ticketed for the equipment violation and released; the other teens were taken into custody.

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