Texas Sheriff’s sons allegedly grew marijuana

Two sons of a Texas sheriff were charged with felonies after a man who allegedly broke into their Austin home said they were growing marijuana, police said.

Travis Cutler, 34, and his brother, Trevor, 31, are both charged with felony possession of marijuana, the Austin American-Statesman reported Tuesday. Travis Cutler also faces charges of burglary and possession of other drugs.

Their father, Gary Cutler, is running for re-election as sheriff of Hays County, which borders Travis County, where Austin is located.

The brothers’ problems began in October when Travis’ girlfriend told police she suspected an acquaintance, Jeffrey Borho had burglarized their home. The brothers’ lawyer, Joe Turner, said they were on a hunting trip in Colorado at the time.

Investigators said they found jars of marijuana in Borho’s shed. He told detectives he had stolen the marijuana from the Cutlers, who had a growing operation.

A police search of the Cutlers’ home allegedly found marijuana-growing tools such as grow lights and a selection of drugs in Travis’ bedroom. Turner called the find “fishy” and said Travis’ girlfriend would not have reported the burglary if she knew there were drugs in the house.

Borho, who is charged with burglary and possession of a firearm by a felon, has a court date next week. The Cutlers are scheduled to appear Feb. 13.

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  1. kcreed says:

    losts of growers in texas. it’s a big state and nobody can find anytnhng out unless you are snitched on.. that’s why this guy is stupid for getting caught. they tell us in our town.. smoke . but do it inside

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