That Didn’t Take Long: Nintendo 3DS Hacked

The Nintendo DS was notorious for being easy to hack despite Nintendo’s continued efforts to stop the piracy problem. Unfortunately, it looks like things aren’t going to get much easier for Nintendo with its new 3DS handheld.

G4TV reports that the 3DS was hacked to play pirated carts within one day of the portable system’s launch in Japan. It’s worth noting that the hack in question merely makes the system compatible with current R4 chips. In other words, shady individuals can hack their handheld to play pirated copies of original DS and Game Boy games but not yet 3DS games. However, if dedicated hackers cracked the system open this much already, it’s only a matter of time until they make more progress.

Check out the video below to see evidence of an R4 cart working in a 3DS. Just remember, everyone: Don’t pirate games. It’s stupid.
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